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Follow the Breadcrumbs

It’s often said that when you think of the things that trouble or move you, it is there you will find your purpose. In our noisy world, it’s easy to lose sight of this. We get distracted or overwhelmed, but one thing I can always look back and see is the breadcrumbs that led me exactly where I needed to be.

What are breadcrumbs? I define them as a divine navigation system that guides you down a purposed path. For me, guidance usually comes in the form of a person whose action or impactful piece of advice compels me to act. Choosing to act always results in the opening of a door or a meaningful experience that I wouldn’t have otherwise accessed without receiving and following the breadcrumb. I promise y’all I’ve acquired opportunities from fully paid graduate school tuition to finding a publisher who ultimately helped launch my career as a poet.


BREADCRUMBS: A divine navigation system that guides you down a purposed path.


Most recently, my breadcrumbs led me to Pittsburgh. Random, I know; no one vacations there. For those who don’t know, I went to school and lived in Pittsburgh for five years, but outside of homecoming, I rarely think about making that trip. I had no idea I needed to be there, but I did for my sanity and commitment to serve.

During my impromptu trip, I met up with fellow Pitt alumni who enlightened me about grants to help build my newly formed non-profit (breadcrumb). I was able to sit down and put hours into the editing and writing of poems for my book. Finally! Following another breadcrumb, I ended up performing at an open mic. What I found most impactful was the opportunity to serve and support the mother and community of Antwon Rose, the young man whose killing ultimately compelled me to make the trip.

When I left Philly, I had no idea that my last day in Pittsburgh was going to be Antwon Rose’s birthday which they chose to celebrate by having a 1st Annual Community Day with tons of giveaways, food, and resources. I didn’t know I’d be able to hop on a bus, walk the grounds where he lived, and help pack bookbags for the children in his housing development. It was meaningful, fulfilling, selfless and cathartic. I personally don’t watch the news, but the tragedies I hear about are enough to make me feel defeated. This trip gave me an opportunity to give back outside of my community while accessing what I needed for my own mental, personal, and professional stability.

Life is always going to have its overwhelming moments. The key is to focus on the subtle messages that tug at your heart strings and take action. We don’t need to look at the whole picture when every masterpiece was created one step at a time. If you’re unsure where you’re going, follow the breadcrumbs and tune into your alignment. When different areas of your life are beginning to align, you’re on the right track!


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