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Start with Home

Last week I traveled to Memphis for my family reunion. I flew down with my parents who picked me up on their way to the airport. Even though we made plans to leave around 10 a.m., I was too tired to pack the night before. Unbeknownst to me at the time, my routine that morning laid the blueprint for getting everything done when you have a "busy" life.

1. Start with you first. The morning of the flight I knew I needed to pack, but I was determined to workout first. I have a personal goal of getting 3-4 workouts in a week (preferably 4), so I made plans with my workout partner to go early (6:30 a.m. to be exact) in order to get my third workout in before the trip.

Please note: While I’m a morning person, I’m still on summer break and I LOVE my 8 hours of sleep. But, because I had personal goals, an accountability partner, and a hefty to-do list, I sacrificed some sleep to take care of me first. Working out is my way of mentally and physically preparing for the day. Some days, you need to make the sacrifice to do what fuels you. EVERY day, needs to start with something that centers and preps you for what’s ahead whether that be journaling, yoga, running, or praying.


Every day, needs to start with something that centers and preps you for what’s ahead...


2. Get your house in order. Knowing I was going on a trip, for which I was still unpacked, I wanted to handle some house items when I got back from the gym. I took out the trash, cleared miscellaneous items off the couch, washed clothes, and left a note for the mailman about locking up my package. Even though I had a trip to prepare for, I prioritized taking care of the place I call home.

Having a clean and organized space was necessary for me to be able to think, pack, and rest when I returned. More importantly, before we go out and face the world, we need to take care of what’s at home- children, spouse, chores, etc.- so we have something good to come back to. Clarification: I am NOT justifying cleaning as a distraction or a way to procrastinate, rather I’m suggesting we put as much effort into ourselves and our home lives as we do our work/business by making time for it intentionally and unapologetically.


Before we go out and face the world, we need to take care of what’s at home.


3. Take care of business. Once my foundational needs were taken care of, I was finally able to pack. I showered, grabbed what I needed for my trip as I prepared for the day and filled my suitcase without rushing. In fact, I put on J. Cole and went with the flow.

When we’re centered and our home is in order, we are ready to tackle what’s ahead. I didn’t know my parents would be picking me up at 9:30 a.m.- 30 minutes earlier than we discussed the night before- but I was ready inside and out for the trip and their curve ball pick-up time.

When we handle what’s important first, sacrifice when necessary, and take care of business, we’ll be prepped for what the world throws at us. We aren't any good to the world, if we aren't first good to ourselves. It'll all get done, take care of what's important first.


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