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A Natural Covering

Fall, my favorite season, had a short run this year. Branches lost their leaves and were covered in snow the following week. Shoveling before Thanksgiving is not something we’re used to, but notice how trees never have to worry. No matter how long or short each season is, budding will take place in the spring. Isn’t that how life works?

I’m learning to rest in the same assurance as the trees. Like them, it’s not up to me how things will turn out. I could do everything right and watch plans fall apart or I could struggle along and watch everything align. I had to laugh at myself last week when God reminded my worrisome self, that He’s in charge. If nature has nothing to worry about, neither do we.


If nature has nothing to worry about, neither do we.


Keeping my peace is an ongoing practice. Some days I nail it with my “whatever is meant to be will be” mantra. Other days I freak out about EVERY LITTLE THING. Last Wednesday was one of the latter days.

I was headed to New York for a poetry event. While ubering to the megabus stop, I realized I had the wrong departure time and quickly changed the uber destination in hopes of catching my bus at the next stop. EVERYTHING was against me.

Traffic was more stagnant than usual, my uber driver refused to maneuver with urgency, and we watched the bus disappear in the distance. The whole ride, I was convinced I wasn’t going to make it which meant I wasn’t supposed to perform. I sent alerts to the person I was meeting in NY that plans might change. I felt blindsided by a storm, and saw no sunlight in sight.

Finally, we arrived and to my pleasant surprise the bus was there getting ready to pull off. As I ran to the door and started knocking, I noticed the sign said “Harrisburg,” not New York. When the driver opened the door (an anomaly) I apologized telling him I thought it was the New York bus. He said it was- the sign was broken. :Insert Shout:

I made the bus! More importantly, God showed me that no matter what it looks like, push through. If HIS hand is on it, it’s going to work out. I’ve been on plenty of buses where drivers pulled off, but this bus was meant for me to catch. I doubted, because I couldn’t see HOW it would work out, but we don’t have to see spring to know it’s coming.


We don’t have to see spring to know it’s coming.


Like the recycling of leaves and rotation of weather, everything will happen in due season. It may seem wintry right now, but when it’s time, spring will arrive.


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