Education & Awards

After graduating with a B.A. in Writing and Communications, a Masters in Education from the University of Pittsburgh, Jasz followed in her father's footsteps by becoming an educator in 2009.

Shortly after publishing her chapbook in 2015, Jasz created her own Composition and Communication course before transitioning to full-time entrepreneurship in 2019 to create room for her writing and non-profit.


In 2018, Jasz recorded a poem on Enon Tabernacle's Stellar-nominated album Totally. From the classroom to the stage, her work has garnered notable recognition including the 2016 Young Educator and Entrepreneur Award and the 2018 AIM-IRS Mid Atlantic Award of Excellence.

Currently Jasz leads various poetry based writing workshops for inner city youth to help them access their vulnerable selves and recontextualize their life narratives. She also serves as the co-founder and President of Urgent 365, a non-profit geared towards pushing communities of color forward through resource distribution, education programming and social wellness events.

Poetry Chapbook

Mizz Jasz' debut poetry collection published October 2015. 

Inspired by the movements and conversations surrounding Black Lives Matter and social justice in America, Jasz wrote a collection of poetry that sparked further dialogue around the reality and responsibility of our communities. 

Since 2015, Jasz has used her poetry and educational background to run professional developments and workshops addressing the topics of race and responsibility, movement formation, and community relations. 

Today, Jasz puts her words to actions with initiatives for communities of color through her non-profit Urgent 365, Inc


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