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This is for people of faith who battle with fear, over self-reliance, or reaching their full potential. More specifically, this book is for the following types of people: 


  • Type A people (over-self reliant)
  • People who are stuck or uncomfortable in a purposed transition 
  • People who value faith with practical application


Too often we fail to notice our faith is capped; we believe in God up to a point and question Him when our foundation is shaken. If we really explored the root of our unbelief, we’d find that our faith and trust are actually in our own ability to see or work toward an outcome. This 40-day devotional explores God’s first unimaginable activity, creation, and uses it as a guide to show readers how to walk in bolder faith and create the fruitful life God intended for us to live. Throughout the book, Jasmine Hawkins uses her own journey of leaving a ten-year teaching career to pursue life as a writer to show readers the challenges and rewards of creating a faith-filled life. This practical perspective lights the path for others looking to overcome fear and lean into God’s call.

Uncapped Faith

SKU: UF62023
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  • Dimentions: 6x9 in. 

    Interior Color: Black and White

    Pages: 211

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