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What does The Tribe provide?

Three essential principles.

The Accountability Tribe...

 -teaches you how to recenter

-gives you tools to refocus

-offers resources to help you refuel

Here's how we do it:

Online Platform

Join the community via app or web browser on the Mighty Networks platform to exhale, read, post, exchange resources, and connect with other members outside of social media. 

Monthly Work Sessions

Stay accountable and knock out your goals by attending a group work session with Jasz and other Tribe members. These sessions help you remain focused and productive in a virtual space. 

Check-In Calls

Participate in 4 bi-weekly check-in calls with Jasz and other tribe members. These are used to hold you accountable for your focus areas in addition to exploring your internal revelations discovered through the introspective guides and Tribe tasks. 

Opt-in Calls & Bible Studies

For a mid-week boost, hop on a morning prayer call or evening Bible study offered on alternating weeks. Note, the Bible studies are from Jasz' forthcoming devotional which means it's exclusive unreleased content. 

Introspective Guides

Receive and complete 3 introspective guides to explore your internal blocks, triggers, needs, and desires. The guides include journal prompts, a guiding verse and suggested stillness activities. These are used to help you prioritize you and get clear on what is needed to accomplish your goals.

Direct Resources

On the platform, there are videos, downloadable content, and articles to help you: 

-Refuel Spiritually

-Get Ya Mind Right

-Download and Try

-Get in a Good Read

Ready to join? 

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