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You've got a story; we'll help you share it.

-Sonny Dean Publishing Team

You were given a word, message, testimony, or story to communicate. But, oftentimes fear, lack of knowledge, or self-doubt get in the way of us sharing our stories with the world. If you’re here, you’re ready to share. You may be confident or a little fearful; either way, you are ready, and it’s time. Congratulations for taking the first step to leaving a lasting mark on this world. We celebrate you for your bravery and for choosing to make a difference.

Editing and Proofreading


Have a finished manuscript? Let our professional editing team read through it to ensure a quality finished product.

Publishing Packages

Ready to share your writing with the world? Download our free Publishing Checklist.


We got you covered from editing and copyrighting to selling on Amazon and other sites. 

Writing and Planning Support

Have an idea, but need help putting it together? Whether it's fleshing out a book idea or planning your book release event, we can help. 

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About Us

Patrick “Sonny” Dean was a Philadelphia grandfather, deacon, and veteran full of history and insight. He often told stories in response to any question. He could recall the 1940’s, summers in the South, and memories of his parents like it was yesterday. The limit of oral storytelling is that stories often die with the storyteller. Before passing in 2017, Sonny often said to his grand-daughter, “someone should write a story about…” Because she never got to capture his stories in writing, she created a platform for others to capture theirs in honor of his memory. The Sonny Dean Publishing Team is here to help you capture the story that “someone should write.” You are that someone. It’s time to write and share your story.

Welcome! Our published and experienced team is here to help.

Sonny Dean and Mizz Jasz standing together

Pictured here:

Founder Jasmine Hawkins (left),

Patrick “Sonny” Dean (right)

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About Us

We’ll help you work through barriers that get in the way of sharing your story.

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Editing and Proofreading

Great for self-publishers!

  • Proofreading rates are $35/hour based on a 6-8 pages an hour depending on font and size. 

  • Editing services take place at a rate of $60/hour for 6-9 pages per hour depending on the editing need.

Click below to schedule a free 30-minute editing consultation.

Publishing Packages

Perfect for first and second time authors!

Check out our publishing packages, and email to set up a free 30-minute publishing consultationPlease note all payments can be made in installments based on your publishing timeline.

Writing and Planning Support

Ideal for new writers!

Need help with your book concept, schedule a one-on-one brainstorming session to map out your book concept. 

Have a book and want help with your marketing and release? Let's work together create a successful launch.

Editing Services
Publishing Services
Planning Support
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