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Second Quarter Refresh

We're well into spring and it's time for a refresh. While we’re sprucing up our houses, gardens, and wardrobes, let’s not overlook ourselves. I’ve found that my house is often a reflection of where I’m at in life. If some rooms need a little extra love, there’s probably some part of me that needs the same. Here are three tips to help you spring clean on the inside.

#1 Acknowledge and mourn.

Has Q1 of this year been what you envisioned? Perhaps life threw some unexpected curveballs. Relationships shifted, workload increased, contracts ended, loved ones passed away, plans were stalled. Many of us need to first acknowledge all that has taken place in the last three months. Consider journaling to get out all you’ve encountered. Assess how it makes you feel. What still hurts?

After acknowledging, we can mourn the narrative and expectation we held. Mourn the loss or change. Oftentimes we are grieving changes without realizing it. Maybe you need to cry and sit in your emotions for a bit. Maybe you need to be honest with yourself about what is still impacting you. What have you been doing with that emotion? Suppressing? Eating more or less? Sleeping more? Coping with people and substances? What is it you’ve been avoiding that you need to sit with? How can you face the difficult reality in a healthy way that helps you work through what’s coming up?

Before you continue reading, take time to sit with and journal through these questions.

#2 Celebrate and give thanks.

Now that you’ve addressed what’s been weighing on you, you’ve made space to fully acknowledge the other side of the coin. You are on a journey, and you’re making progress. (I mean after all, would you be reading this blog if you weren’t interested in progressing?) Celebrate your wins. Write a list of the things you are proud of this year. Nothing is too small. (I’m celebrating you for taking time for yourself right now.)

Beyond reminding yourself of your dopeness, you also want to give attention to the ways in which you have been provided for, sustained, supported, etc. List out everything you are grateful for this year and think about different categories: health, home, relationships, work, etc.

There’s plenty to celebrate and be grateful for in the midst of all the chaos and change. If you’re struggling to find something to acknowledge, go for a walk, clear your mind and soak in the beauty of the outside.

#3 Reflect and adjust.

You’re just about ready to dive back into quarter two with a refreshed spirit and revived perspective. To assist with that, it’s time to assess. Based on what you processed above, what changes need to be made? What do you want to continue doing? What do you need to adjust or stop immediately? How well have you tended to your goals and focus areas? What can you do to continue or increase your progress?

Map out a plan of action for what you will be doing and when. If you said you need to do more of something, add it to your calendar or planner to reserve that time as intended. If you are planning to stop an action, identify what you will do to replace it. It’s one thing to say you’re going to do something, it’s another thing to plan for and prioritize it. Happy planning.

Kudos to you for taking time to dust off the unaddressed internal areas and spruce up from the inside out. Your future self will thank you.

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